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Based in London but originally from Northern California, I started hacking in the 1980s and have consulted, lectured, and trained government, military, law enforcement, and businesses from Greenland to New Zealand. Holding numerous certifications, I completed an MSc. in Information Technology (information security, specialization), where my dissertation focused on cyber warfare defense. 

I've been familiar with machine learning in cyber security applications for some time, and a chance meeting in 2019 piqued my interest. An artificial intelligence expert attended one of my hacking classes and, over our subsequent conversations, taught me more and inspired me to deepen my expertise in the field. 

While I remain firmly footed in information and cyber security, I've expanded my consultancy and training to advise organizations on embracing and doing more with artificial intelligence. These are exciting times, and Al provides advantages for those harnessing its capabilities to elevate executive decision-making, productivity, and cost-saving opportunities. By leveraging Al, you will undoubtedly gain a substantial edge immediately upon adoption. 

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